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Natural nature!

95% of Croatian forests are natural forests which is best for both plants and animals. Therefore one can experience both the untouched natural environment and great hunting areas.

Sustainable hunting
There is a 300-year long tradition of hunting management in Croatia.

The size and health of the animal population is closely supervised and continuously analyzed.

Local hunting guides
For a safe and successful hunt, in accordance with local regulation and customs, it is advisable to hunt with a registered local guide.

About the web site
The site is own and run by CoCro who is a Danish-owned company which collaborates with partners in Croatia.


Welcome to hunting in Croatia

Hunting in Croatia - Europe's best hunting grounds
Croatia has all kinds of excellent hunting grounds. From the great plains with marshes, swamps, forests or bush areas in the east, to the hills and mountains in the west. Just pick the type of hunting you prefer.

There are approximately thirty large state-owned hunting grounds that are regularly visited by international hunters, together with hundreds of smaller locally administered hunting grounds. 

Video hunting oportunities in Croatia

Map of Croatia

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01 March – Cooperation
We have established cooperation with the official Croatian Forest Agency, which manages hunting in the majority of hunting grounds in Croatia.

01.07. - EU membership
With Croatia's ascension to EU membership on 1 July 2013 there will be new opportunities for cooperation between Croatia and other countries in Europe, including Denmark. 

Therefore we offer Danish hunters an easy access to some of the best and most diverse hunting grounds in Europe.

The Croatian National Toursit Board

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